Nintendo has confirmed that its Wii U console will be locked to specific regions, meaning gamers won’t be able to buy titles on the cheap from other countries. 

The Japanese company told CVG that each Wii U would be region locked and that no games would be supported outside of their selected countries. 

This is not unusual for Nintendo, which has taken this approach with previous hardware including the 3DS, Wii and GameCube - though noticeably not with the Nintendo DS. In contrast both Sony and Microsoft leave the decision of region locking to game publishers, meaning most titles are compatible with hardware no matter where they are purchased. 

The Nintendo Wii U is due to arrive in the UK on 30 November, eight days before it arrives in Nintendo’s own country of Japan. However, the US will be the first to get its mitts on the Wii U when it comes out on 18 November. 

Amazon UK has said it will sell the Wii U Basic package for £249.99 and the Premium Set for £299, offering 8GB and 32GB respectively.