The Xbox 360 might have done a deal with Nike to bring Nike+ Kinect Training to the games console, but Nintendo is hoping to do one better with a pedometer accessory that will allow gamers advance further in Wii U Fit by letting them add points from their activities away from the console.

In a video demoing the new fitness game from Nintendo, a women grabs the Wii U Fit Pedometer from her waist and syncs it to the Wii U GamePad  - allowing her to beat her friend on the calorie count in the process.

According to Nintendo the Pedometer will be able to count your steps, track your altitude, and estimate calories burnt during your exercise sessions.

The widget transfers the data to the Wii U GamePad via the infrared transceiver port - the same port, incidentally, that Nintendo has said will be used to turn on your television.

The Wii U Pedometer is expected to be bundled with the Wii U Balance Board and Wii Fit game.