The final title to be shown at Nintendo's E3 press conference today was Nintendo Land, a first-party game that has been designed by the company to show off the many different facets of the new Wii U console and Wii U GamePad.

Using many of Nintendo's major intellectual properties, characters and settings, it's described as a virtual theme park in which you can wander about (in Mii form), chat to others via the Japanese giant's Miiverse social network infrastructure and take on a variety of mini-games.

There are 12 separate zones/games in total, with each having an entirely different gameplay style. The one shown during the E3 announcement was a top-down maze game loosely based on Luigi's Mansion. Up to five players can play at once, with one on the Wii U GamePad and the others on original Wii remotes and Nunchuks.

The payer with the touchscreen-enabled controller is a ghost who must hunt down the other players, who can see him. He, however, can see them as he's playing on the GamePad's screen itself, while the others use the TV.

The ghost has to make all of the players faint by pouncing on them, while the players have to shine torches on the spooky agitator in order to drain him of energy. They know when he's near because their Wii remotes will rumble.

It's interesting stuff and seems perfectly suited to larger families - especially those who have an original Wii sitting around gathering dust.

There will also be mini-games based on Zelda and other triple-A characters, but those will be revealed in time. It was said, however, that some of the games will be single player, so it'll not just be for big groups.

Nintendo Land will launch at the same time as the Wii U itself this holiday season.