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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has revealed the launch of Smart Glass for Xbox 360, which makes the Wii U almost irrelevant. 

Unveiling the new feature at the company's press conference to kick off the E3 gaming convention, Microsoft announced that from this Christmas gamers will be able to pair Windows 8-powered tablets and PCs, as well as Phones, with the console to watch movies, play games, and use as a remote control. 

The new feature connects a Windows 8 or Windows Phone device to your Xbox 360, allowing you to stream content between the two as well as double the phone or tablet as a remote controller.

In a demo on stage, Microsoft execs showed how we will be able to watch a movie on the way home and then instantly continue to watch it on an Xbox 360, because the console will know where you have got to. Other demos included getting additional information in game, or planning plays in Madden using the tablet as a Playbook - not to be mistaken with the BlackBerry one, of course.

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In additionMicrosoft has confirmed that it will be adding Internet Explorer with full Kinect support to the Xbox 360, allowing users finally to browser from their console using the tablet or the phone as a controller. 

Microsoft has confirmed that for Xbox SmartGlass to work, customers will need an Xbox LIVE Gold membership.

We will keep you posted.

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