An image has appeared on a developer's Twitter feed that reveals the final Wii U controller, to be publicly unveiled during Nintendo's press conference at E3 on 5 June. It has several changes to the one Pocket-lint played with at last year's event.

The picture, leaked by a quality assurance tester at Lego videogames developer TT Games, shows that the thumbsticks of what is believed to be the consumer version of the controller are different - they're convex rather than concave.

wii u controller redesigned thumbsticks changed and more image 2

In addition, the button array at the bottom of the screen is altered and the whole device is more rounded than before, giving a softer, more welcoming, family appeal. There's also a Wii U logo that's appeared on the bottom left of the controller.

The original tweet has now been removed by the user, which is understandable considering that third-party developers are under strict non-disclosure agreements. Needless to say, we now fully expect a Lego game to come to the new console after its launch.

Along with the final version of the console itself, we expect several games to be announced at E3, including a Mario title - something creator Shigeru Miyamoto has previously revealed.

Pocket-lint will be at E3, the enormous videogames conference in Los Angeles, from 2 June to bring you all the biggest news as it happens, with the Sony press conference on 4 June being the first major event.

What do you think? Will the Wii U be as successful as other Nintendo consoles of the past (GameCube excepted)? Let us know in the comments below...