Mario looks to be heading to the Nintendo Wii U when the company's new console launches later this year.

Spanish newspaper El Mundo is reporting that Shigeru Miyamoto has told it we can expect an announcement at the E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles in June.

"The creator anticipates that at E3, the largest exhibition of video games, held in June in Los Angeles, Nintendo will launch a new Super Mario for this platform [the Nintendo Wii U], which will combine the TV screen with the remote," reports the newspaper (translated via Google Translate).

That news will be very much welcomed by Mario fans no doubt keen to enjoy the next Mario instalment. The article also reports that Miyamoto feels Nintendo is not about traditional gaming anymore, following the success of both iOS and Android platforms.

When asked whether the Wii U would be the last console Nintendo created, the smiling Miyamoto said: "At Nintendo we usually do things against what is expected, things that surprised. So I can not agree with that vision of the future.

"The truth is that traditional games are now also available for iPhone and Android, so we are thinking of creating new types of games."

 You can read the full interview here.

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