Get your DeLorean out of the garage, we’re going back in time, and we’re taking the Angry Birds with us.

A Swedish artist has taken the hugely popular mobile game and merged it with Nintendo’s Game & Watch device of the 1980’s. Remember those?

if angry birds had debuted on the nintendo game watch image 4

In reality the dual screen would mean you’d lose sight of our feathered friends for a split second, but the concept is rather cute and certainly tugs at the nostalgic heartstrings.

If you’re too young to remember the Nintendo Game & Watch, the handheld device was where the likes of Mario and Donkey Kong made the leap from arcade machine to personal gaming device and paved the way for the home console revolution.

The Swedish artist responsible for this trip down memory lane is Giorgio Cantu.

Recently Cantu was commissioned by Samsung to draft over some imagery for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and is also the man responsible for the artwork for Sega video game Renegade Ops.

What are your memories of the Nintendo Game & Watch? Let us know.