Nintendo 3DS gamers waiting for the planned November firmware update can put down their consoles, or at least stop checking for an update, because it isn't coming this month.

Nintendo has confirmed that the update has been postponed, and will now arrive on 8 December. The Japanese gaming giant has stated that it is "sorry to inconvenience" 3DS owners out there and has thanked them for their patience.

The update adds the ability to record and watch back 3D video, adds extra games for your StreetPass Miis and lets you transfer data between multiple devices.

The 3DS hasn't exactly been the smash hit that Nintendo would have been hoping for and the massive price cuts signalled that the console wasn't pleasing the balance books.

But, with titles such as Monster Hunter 4, Mario Tennis, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, MGS and Resident Evil all heading to the handheld in 2012, it may be too soon to write it off just yet.

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