Nintendo has announced that it is discontinuing its current Wii console in favour of a redesigned model. The new Wii (nicknamed slim, although the first one isn't exactly rotund) will be available in time for Christmas and be bundled with two games; Wii Sports and Wii Party.

The games company has also hinted that there will be other bundles available. Speaking to Eurogamer, a spokesperson confirmed that, "In Europe, we will focus on the new Wii Bundle/s going forward."

The biggest difference between the old and new Wiis to be revealed to date is that the revamped model will not be backwards compatible with GameCube games or controllers. However, at least the new version has been designed to sit horizontally rather than vertically, so will fit under a TV better.

There's currently no date as to when the last of the old stock will dry up, or if there will be a price drop, but we'll keep you informed as and when we get more details.

What do you think? Will this be enough for Nintendo to revitalise Wii sales? Let us know in the comments below...