Nintendo has ended up in the red thanks to the 3DS.

Nope, we're not talking bank balance slides due to poor sales, but rather a fetching new shade for the 3D handheld console - Flame Red.

We use capitals for that colour description because that is the official description - to side along with the two current models; Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue. (Who thinks up these colour names? What's wrong with a simple black, red and blue?)

Nintendo will, no doubt, be hoping that the new design can help kick-start the stuttering fortunes of the 3DS. After a strong launch period (113,000 machines sold in its opening weekend, making it the company's most successfully ever UK console launch), the interest seems to have waned, leading to Nintendo announcing a dramatic price cut earlier this month.

The good news for Nintendo is that Sony seems to have delayed the global launch of the PlayStation Vita until 2012, giving it a clear shot at the Christmas period and a big opportunity to get some new handheld gamers onboard.

The red Nintendo 3DS is set for a 9 September launch, a month or so after the price-reductions kick in. Nintendo has also said that it will launch Star Fox 64 3D at the same time as the Flame Red console.