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(Pocket-lint) - The lure of the 3DS grows ever larger. Following the massive price-cut announced last week, Nintendo has now done a deal with public Wi-Fi specialist The Cloud to get gamers free access to the internet whilst they're out and about

And, with the BSkyB owned hotspot provider being Europe's biggest public Wi-Fi network, there's going to be plenty of opportunities for 3DS owners to get their SpotPass on.

SpotPass is the web-powered tool on 3DSs which allows the downloading of software and game data across the airwaves. The free access will also mean web browsing with the 3DS and free visits to the eShop to buy titles for the virtual consoles.

Steve Nicholson, MD of The Cloud, said: "Nintendo is a fantastic addition to our list of strategic partners and site owners who are making the most of Wi-Fi’s potential to give their customers a better entertainment experience.

"If gamers are going to play outside of their home, it’s essential they have a fast and reliable internet connection. This is what Wi-Fi offers compared to a technology such as 3G, which struggles to handle really rich, data-hungry video content."

With Virgin Media apparently planning on a free public Wi-Fi network too, expect to see The Cloud and other premium hotspot providers offering up more partnerships in the near future.

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