The Nintendo 3DS launch was all but void of decent titles, with exciting games shown prior like Zelda and Kid Icarus set to ship later on in the consoles' release calendar. 

By far the most exciting title displayed in the build up to the 3DS launch was MGS3. An absolute gaming classic, it was one of the best PlayStation 2 titles released and a favourite amongst fans of the metal gear series. 

Unfortunately Kotaku Australia is reporting that the game has now been delayed until 2012, meaning 3DS owners will have to wait even longer to add some decent titles to their library. 

MGS3 had originally been pegged for an end of 2011 release, which it looks like the Japanese will get. This means those planning on picking up one of the 3DS consoles this Christmas specifically for the Metal Gear title will miss out. 

You could always import it, plenty of Starfox fans have been doing the same with the Japanese 3DS version of the title. No definite Europe and US release as of yet, but let's hope early 2012.