Nintendo has announced that it will be launching a new console, the Nintendo Wii U, to follow the Wii in 2012. That's great, but as usual with Nintendo the idea and concept is far from conventional. It's dawned on us, as we've tried to explain it to those who've asked, that it's actually quiet hard to pinpoint what the new console is, and more importantly what it does. 

For the Nintendo Wii in was simple. It takes a remote control and turns into into a tennis racket. Likewise Microsoft's Kinect is a sensor that monitors your movement. 

With that in mind, we set the Pocket-lint team a challenge. Can you describe what the Nintendo Wii U is 140 characters (ie a tweet) to someone that has never heard of it. 

Here are the team's answers:

Stuart, Editor

"The Wii U replaces the Wii, adds a tablet controller like the iPad, and lets you play games on it or seen from a different perspective"

Rik, Editor of News

"The Wii U is like playing games using a portable TV as a controller. It's innovative, different and utterly utterly bonkers. That's Nintendo"

Chris, Editor of Reviews

"Nintendo Wii U adds a screen to the controller to offer a console experience on and off your TV, all about interaction. Uniquely crazy."

Dan, Editor of Features

"New Wii places U in a bubble where reality is your arms' reach companion and all beyond Nintendo's bright, chiming land of gaming fantasy."

Libby, Contributing editor

"Next-gen Nintendo console with touchscreen controller. Plays full HD 1080p video and is backwards compatible with its predecessor - the Wii."

Paul, Contributing editor

"Like the bastard offspring of a Wii and a Dreamcast pumped full of Xbox 360 flavoured steroids. Gimmicky - yes. Awesome - double yes."

Hunter, Contributing editor

"The Wii U is the newest console from Nintendo, it uses an iPad-style touch screen tablet to control games and is more powerful than old Wii"

Ben, Sub-editor

"Wii goes further than wand with touchscreen tablet controller. Familiar design, sprinkling of innovation and stuffed full of wholesome tech."

Ian, Website of the day dude

"Wii U. The sound made by a child on a rollercoaster when they realise that 16 chicken nuggets, large fries and a milkshake was a bad idea."

So how would you describe the Wii U to your mates in a tweet? Let us know in the comments below, and yes you will find it hard. 

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