Game streaming service OnLive has demoed technology at this years E3 that lets you push PC quality games directly to your tablet.

The tech means that you can sign into your OnLive account from both smartphone or tablet and play games on a portable device that would typically require a rig worth thousands. The live video feeds in OnLive's Arena also allow for a sort of Wii U dual-screen situation where games played on the iPad or Android tablet are also viewable on tv or computer screens.

"With cloud gaming, you can play games anywhere you want, on any device and you can combine them in anyway you want" said OnLive's CEO Steve Perlman.

Developers are beginning to design cloud-based games which are both touch sensitive and useable with controllers. Ubisoft are the first to the fore, with From Dust being 'touch aware'.

OnLive recently launched the signup pages for their UK service, which arrives in Autumn. We joined in and soon discovered that our login worked with the US version of OnLive. Pocket-lint spoke to OnLive about this who were keen to emphasise that this is in no way an indication of that which UK residents will get. The lag created from sending data from American server farms and machines to the UK is significant enough to impede gaming.

The Onlive player app is yet to be released but should coincide with the UK launch of the service in October.

Fancy a bit of cloud gaming? Or are consoles your thang?