The rumours were true. Nintendo has gone live with its next-generation console - the Wii U.

Formerly named Project Cafe, the console will hit the shops next year and comes complete with an incredible new control pad setup. The Wii U controller, which works in tandem with a regular Wii-style remote, offers a 6.2-inch screen for an incredibly new, original and, quite frankly, brilliant looking new way of gaming.

The new controller packs two circle pads, a control pad, a camera (with video calling demoed), an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a microphone and, most importantly a touch screen.

“We haven’t achieved a gaming platform that is equally satisfying to all players,” said Nintendo’s boss Mr. Iwata, before promising deeper game experiences and a wider appeal to all gamers.

Nintendo showed off some incredible examples of how the system makes use of the new controller setup - with a Mario title being continued whilst a room-mate watched TV, an AR-like target system for a number of games, and also as a weapon and viewfinder for other games.

The company bods were keen to stress that the controller isn't a handheld console though - it needs the Wii U main gaming machine to function. However, the console will also be compatible with Wii peripherals too, including the Wiimote, so it should reward those who upgrade.

We at Pocket-lint are mighty impressed. Nintendo could have just re-invented gaming all over again. Even though we'll have to wait until 2012 to see it.

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