Could Nintendo's Project Cafe's real name have been outed ahead of the Japanese gaming company's E3 event?

Possibly so, and it seems as if the name that'll be on every kid's birthday list in 2012 is the Nintendo Beem. Not "Beam", "Beem" with a double "e" (or, even, 3EEM, if some leaked logo designs would have us believe).

The rumours are based on the fact that a number of website domains have been registered lately - including,, all on 1 June as well as, being purchased back on 31 January for $136,000.

That domain currently resolves to a blank page, that is under WHOIS protection.

Look, we know that rumours based on the registering of domain names usually end in disappointment, but we'd be delighted if this one came true. In fact, we'd be Beem-ing with delight. Boom boom.

Pocket-lint is over on the show floor at E3 now, so be sure to check our dedicated LA based coverage to see if the Beem rumours ring true, as well as all of the rest of the hot gaming news.