In addition to a front-mounted touch screen, it is now rumoured that the Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Cafe) controller will feature a camera.

According to Develop, a source "close to the matter" has claimed that the new joypad sports a front-facing camera system. He has also confirmed many of the other details that have been floating around.

The camera will be used for in-game images, and will work much like the one on the 3DS. Indeed, the source also speculates that, as the 3D device and new controller have many functions in common, it could be possible that the handheld could be used as a Project Cafe controller itself.

What we at Pocket-lint think is more likely is that the 3DS will interact with Nintendo's new console in much the same way that the PSP can be used with a PS3 - to drive the menu screens.

Develop's source also confirmed that the controller does indeed have a 6-inch touch screen, although he states that it will be driven "possibly with a stylus". He also claims that it has a standard six-button layout.

Of course, this may all be as much waffle as we suspect the leaked Project Cafe demo is. We'll find out on 7 June at E3 when Nintendo's official announcement is due to take place.

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