The Nintendo 3DS is to finally get the firmware update that UK owners have been crying out for, but not for another month. Nintendo has announced that the forthcoming patch will be available to download on 7 June.

There are few details on what the update will bring, although it is known that access to both the internet browser and Nintendo's own eShop will be unlocked. It's been a constant source of bemusement that neither were available from launch, but at least the Japanese manufacturer is finally making amends.

Other rumoured improvements to come with the new update include an ability to port over DSi Ware titles that have been bought previously, and a whole host of Virtual Console titles to become available to buy. It is also suggested that some older Nintendo back catalogue titles will be given a 3D make-over, but that might only be for the Japanese market initially.

In addition, it is believed that the games giant will present a stack of 3D demos and videos to try out.

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