It's been the rumour mill's most discussed tech topic as of late, and now it's official - Nintendo will be showing off a playable version of the Wii successor, dubbed Project Cafe, at the E3 games expo in LA in June.

No other details were given by the Japanese game giant in a memo released on 25 April (with not even a hint as to whether the system will be called the Wii 2 or something entirely new) other than to say that it won't be hitting the shops until next year, despite its mid-2011 demo.

Rumours last week suggested that the next-gen Nintendo will be boasting a pretty impressive tech spec including a 6.2-inch touting touchscreen controller. It should also come packing a modified AMD R700 architecture GPU, with a custom-designed triple-core version of the IBM PowerPC chipset for its processing power.

There's also talk of 1080p playback, possible Stereoscopic 3D, and it may have the form factor of a futuristic looking SNES.

Excited? We certainly are. Roll on E3......

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