You may have read all about the rumours regarding Nintendo possibly announcing its next videogames console at E3 in June last week on Pocket-lint.

And, although that report suggested that many experts were predicting that it will be an all new machine, rather than Wii 2, the most recent rumours suggest that Project Cafe is in fact a codename for the Wii sequel.

And, it's not just that name that's being talked up - there's some pretty juicy tech specs to boot as well.

Perhaps the juiciest of all concerns the control setup which is set to welcome a big, 6.2-inch, touchscreen touting controller to the Wiimote gang.

The touchscreen controller is also said to have two analogue sticks, eight buttons and a camera too (perhaps for some 3DS style AR gaming) and may work alongside more traditional Wii remote controls, that may receive a tweak from the current versions.

The screen will apparently talk wirelessly to the console, so would perhaps work in the same way as the second screen on the DS range, whereby mapping controls, information and location data is presented.

Speaking of the actual console and it looks like being a major step up for Nintendo, with an IGN report claiming a modified AMD R700 architecture GPU, with a custom-designed triple-core version of the IBM PowerPC chipset for its processing power.

It could boast 1080p playback, possible Stereoscopic 3D, and it will have the form factor of a futuristic looking SNES.

Although it could be shipped to retailers as early as October this year, a 2012 release is more likely, with the price said to be between $350 and $400.

Roll on E3 we say, we can't wait to get our second-gen Wii game on.