A case modder called Angel OD has confused the Wii for something with a lot more power, after building a water-cooled system for the Nintendo games console.

Normally something only reserved for PC users building a machines so powerful it would melt within seconds if turned on, the humble Wii got given the cooling boost after a forum user over at Bit-tech fancied having a go to see if it was possible.

The results are something that would fit at home if you had an empty cow shed, complete with temperature gauge, two cooling towers, lots of metal, and a see-through panel so you can see your favourite Wii game spinning around in the DVD drive.

Yep, there are people with far too much time on their hands, still it comes with a wall bracket, I suppose that’s handy.

There are plenty more pictures of the entire build process over at the Bit-tech forums - link below.