25 March is shaping up to be the biggest tech launch day that the UK has ever seen.

Not only is the iPad 2 hitting Apple Stores (hopefully) that day, but the Nintendo 3DS is landing too.

And, according to Amazon, it's a console much in demand. In fact, the online retail giant has just tweeted to say that the 3DS is the most pre-ordered console in the UK site's history.

Amazon doesn't ever divulge numbers, but think big. Very big.

And to think, people said that a dedicated handheld gaming console wouldn't prove viable during the smartphone and tablet mobile gaming boom.

If you want to get in on the 3D fun, Amazon is offering Nintendo's latest baby for £187. Join the revolution by pre-ordering now.

However, if you get yourself down to HMV on Oxford Street at 00:01 on the 25th, and you're one of the first 500 in-line to nab the console, then you'll bag a free game as well as a goody bag containing various Nintendo rewards, including a space blanket to you warm whilst queuing, a limited edition t-shirt, and a special edition of Official Nintendo Magazine.

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