No sooner had GDC 2011 (Game Developer Conference) finished and tongues were wagging on what might be coming for E3 (in Los Angeles, starting 7 June). And the biggest question on everybody's lips was, will Nintendo use the show to launch its next game console?

Certainly, provides documentary proof that the Nintendo has the next generation machine in development, quoting CEO Satoru Iwata's comments at a Japanese investor Q&A session last year: "We are of course studying and developing the next console to Wii. However, there is a big difference between studying a product and announcing what it is and when we will release it."

And it claims that a source of the site is sure that E3 2011 will be the launch pad. It does, though, remain sceptical, at least of the rumoured specifications.

Apparently, the Nintendo Wii 2 will be Blu-ray-enabled with a quad-core processor. Plus - and this is the weirdest bit - it will have a projection unit in-built; it will be able to project its, presumably, high definition graphics onto a wall without the need for a separate device.

Admittedly, having played Wii games in 70-inches and above at demo events, it's great fun, but how many people will have a spare white wall handy for just such an occasion? And surely an LED lamp will bump up the price of the console enough to prevent those who would never use the feature from considering it.

That said, games console, Blu-ray player and in-built projection are compelling assets for those thinking of setting up their first home cinema.

Naturally, Pocket-lint will keep an ear to the ground for further ruminations.