Sainsbury’s will sell the Nintendo 3DS for £199.99, becoming the first mainstream retailer to break the £200 barrier.

The move undercuts most of the competition although only by a few pounds.

The price of the console has slowly dropped from £229.99 down to £199.99 over the last couple of weeks since the official launch in Europe last month as each retailer plays their hand trying to lure customers away from each other.

The pricing confusion has come because Nintendo Europe refused to set an official price in Europe instead opting for retailers to set their own price and see where the market settled.

That price now seems to be around the £200 price point with both Amazon, and Asda offering the console at £202.  

Sainsbury’s customers will be able to pre-order from the company’s website or go into the company’s 300 larger stores. Those who opt to go in-store will be rewarded with 1000 bonus Nectar points for their trouble.

“If you’re looking for a Nintendo 3DS, this is a great way to secure one now and save some cash,” says Gurdeep Hunjan, Sainsbury’s games buyer.

So will be buying a Nintendo 3DS? If so let us know in the comments below where you are planning on pre-ordering it. 

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