One of the biggest questions that the Nintendo 3DS launch has raised is whether or not there is still room for a dedicated handheld console in a market that is becoming smartphone and tablet obsessed.

And who better to ask this question to than Nintendo UK marketing boss James Honeywell? Well, Hiroshi Yamauchi probably but he's 83 and won't return our calls after we turned up at his house dressed as Mario demanding an audience after a particularly heavy night on the sake.

So Honeywell would have to do. And his response as to whether Nintendo could compete revolved around the content of the titles, rather than the hardware.

“We offer a lot more depth and a lot more gameplay than many of the titles that are out there and it's always been that quality of software that has kept people coming back for more”, he said.

“I don't see that changing with the 3DS. Our software has always been the key to our success. People look for quality in that software, making sure that they get great games and we think that's what the 3DS can offer.

Honeywell also indicated that Nintendo would be taking the mobile gaming market head-on in the near future with mini-games and extra content for 3DS users.

“Although we aren't making announcements on that today, there will be more information to come on other ways of getting downloadable content”, he said.

“So you'll get the best of both worlds. You'll get the small, short-form games via download but you'll also be able to buy the complete engrossing titles as well”.

The Nintendo 3DS launches on 25 March - will you be getting one? And is there room in the market? Give us your thoughts using the comments below.