Nintendo has signed a deal with BSkyB, Eurosport and Wallace and Gromit/Shaun the Sheep animators Aardman Studios to bring short clips of their 3D content to the forthcoming 3DS console. This content, which expands the console's offering to more than just games, can be delivered to you even when the new handheld is in sleep mode.

Using the console's SpotPass functionality, clips can be zapped onto the 3DS via Wi-Fi even if you aren't using the device at the time.

The Japanese games company has also signed a deal with BT in the UK to allow the handheld to connect automatically with any of its many hotspots around the country.

Switch the console on and you could find that new content has downloaded while you're having a coffee, for example.

This system will allow Sky to deliver such content as football highlights, in full 3D, or adverts for forthcoming shows on its own platform.

Meanwhile, Aardman will be producing a series of dedicated 1-minute 3D clips of Shaun the Sheep for the console.