Jonathan Ross was chosen to host the European launch of the Nintendo 3DS in Amsterdam, Holland, where he was joined by a host of gaming luminaries, including Mr Shibata, president of Nintendo Europe.

However, a similar event in New York seemed to be running ahead of the one for the European press, and therefore the North American price and release date was announced early. The Nintendo 3DS will cost $249.99 in the US, and be available from 27 March 2011.

While that, according to current exchange rates, equates to £156.38, we actually expect the console to hit at £199.

We'll bring you news of the official UK pricing and release as and when we get it.

Pocket-lint also has a man on the ground at the event, so we'll be playing with the launch titles, and letting you know what we think of them when the smoke settles.

UPDATE: Europe gets the 3DS earlier than our US cousins, 25 March, to be exact - 2 days earlier. However, Nintendo has withheld pricing details for the UK at present. Individual regions are yet to reveal their pricing schemes, and retailers are being encouraged to set their own price tickets.

UPDATE 2: Pocket-lint has just heard that UK games retail giant Game is unlikely to reveal its price for the 3DS until tomorrow (20 January). However, games industry stalwart and experienced journalist, Stuart Dinsey, believes that the new console will cost between £219 - £229 - a lot more than the £199 previous thought.

UPDATE 3: HMV has just posted the following on Twitter: "From what I've seen so far, basic console price: £229.99". Yikes! A far cry from the £156.38 direct translation of the US price, even taking into account tax and import duty.

UPDATE 4: It seems Game has announced its price today after all: £229.99, just like HMV. We're still waiting on Amazon and though.

UPDATE 5: has decided to undercut everyone with a £219.99 price point. Lets see if we can get it to below £200 by the end of the afternoon.

UPDATE 6: has finally announced its price for the 3DS, and it's going for the same figure as Play: £219.99. You can pre-order now, and it's available in blue or black. Interest in the initial launch games can also be registered.

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