Nintendo's plan for the 3DS is probably to make its console rivals sick with envy, not to make its users sick in general.

But reports emerging from Japan following a Nintendo event in Tokyo indicate that some individuals were left feeling less than their best after a session on the glasses free 3D device.

Weekly tabloid Friday claims that a majority of users reported signs of dizziness and/or eye fatigue and people were quick to turn off the 3D features.

Even the writer of the story claimed to have experienced symptoms after a bash on the 3DS. "After playing for 10 minutes, I started feeling a little dizzy", he said. "It was like being seasick".

Another user said after a minute's play: "I can't bear it" and stated that his eyes felt "tired".

We're not pouring scorn on the Friday story, but we haven't heard many other reports of the 3DS causing sickness or dizziness, so we'll reserve judgement for now.

Pocket-lint is off to Amsterdam this week for the European launch event for the 3D gaming handheld, where we'll be giving the new console a thorough going over and will,of course, be reporting any signs of sickness that we may experience.

We'll also be grabbing some serious game time with the launch titles, as well as sniffing out all the juicy 3DS news and gossip, so be sure to check back on the site throughout the week.