While wandering the show floor at CES, Pocket-lint occasionally came across a gadget or gizmo that genuinely made us stop and stare, and CTA Digital's Inflatable Kart accessory for the Nintendo Wii falls into that category spectacularly.

Filled with air, the kart comes with an attached Wii steering wheel that can house a Wiimote (not included) and, er, that's it really. It's designed for both kids and adults, and can seat a person up to 300lbs (21st 6lbs or 136.1kg). However, as you will see from our pics, there's no guarantee that it won't make you look like a complete tool while you're playing.

The kart comes in three different colours: white, green and red. And, although it is best suited for Mario Kart, it will obviously work with any Wii racing game.

It'll even give you some useful exercise, as it'll need to be inflated before you play. Just imagine the lung span you'll acquire.

The CTA Digital Inflatable Car (as it's otherwise known in some stores) is available for around £30-40, from places such as Amazon.co.uk.

Would you consider parking your behind in such a contraption for the sake of gaming? Let us know in the comments below...