Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that not all games for the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS will be 3D and that the gamers themselves will also be given the choice as to just how much 3D action they want.

During an interview on the official Nintendo site, Miyamoto said: "[The 3DS] is compatible with software for previous Nintendo DS systems, which will be viewed in the 2D mode.

"New game cards, however, will be specific to Nintendo 3DS, but whether they will be in 3D or not is basically up to the maker, just like how much to use the touchscreen was up to developers for Nintendo DS".

Miyamoto said that a blanket rule of just 3D games for the handheld console would have been unrealistic.

"Suddenly requesting all the game developers to only make 3D games on game cards exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS from now on would really raise the hurdle for them", he said.

"We thought it would be better for developers, as well as players, if they could do as they please depending on the software, having images jump out just a little or making games based significantly on 3D".

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