We've featured some pretty funky coffee tables on Pocket-lint. There was the gravity defying Float, David Maloney's retro-tastic PC component effort and the hi-tech Amusity.

But we've never seen an effort that tugs at our nostalgia senses quite as much as 10up Deluxe's NES controller coffee table.

The Extreme NES coffee table, as it is officially called, has incredible attention to detail with springs under the buttons and the product details on the underside.

And, in case you feel like getting your Duck Hunt on, there's even an actual working NES fitted inside the table. The mains go in at the same point as the wire does on an actual NES-pad and there are slots to plug in your cartridge and control pads.

And the cool thing is that you could actually get your hands on the Extreme NES coffee table, as it is going on sale on eBay on 19 December at 5pm UK time.

If anyone's wondering what to get Pocket-lint for Christmas, then wonder no more. We want this. Get bidding.