Remember, remember the fifth of November; for that's when Nintendo are planning on releasing the Wii Remote Plus to the European market.

Wii Remote Plus is a mashup of the original Wii Remote with Wii MotionPlus technology built in and, according to the Japanese gaming Goliath, gives you "an incredible level of precision and gameplay accuracy without the need of additional add-ons".

Wii MotionPlus tech was originally available as a classic controller expansion back in June 2009. The device has a two-axis tuning fork gyroscope that can distinguish rotational motion and the information captured by the sensor can then be used to apply true linear motion from the accelerometer readings.

Wii Remote Plus works along exactly the same lines, and "enables players to see every twist of the wrist or arm brought to life and faithfully replicated on the TV screen with the use of one, compact controller".

You'll be able to pick up a Wii Remote Plus on 5 November, in either white, blue, pink or black. Price TBC.