Nintendo's general manager Shigeru Miyamoto has quashed rumours that the next generation Wii will have 3D capabilities.

Speaking to German publication Speigel, the Nintendo boss said (in Japanese presumably and translated into German):

"Ich glaube nicht, dass das unser nächster Schritt sein wird. Wii ist ja unter anderem deshalb so erfolgreich, weil viele Leute noch keine HDTV-Geräte haben und es zu schätzen wissen, was die Wii bietet. Der Nintendo 3DS ist möglich, weil er eine tragbare Konsole ist und 3D darauf ohne Brille funktioniert. Fürs Wohnzimmer bräuchte man einen 3-D-Fernseher und es wird noch dauern, bevor genügend Haushalte 3-D-TVs haben, dass das für das Thema Gaming ins Gewicht fällt."

A Google translation of this reads:

"I do not think this will be our next step. Wii is indeed one reason so successful because most people do not have any HDTV equipment and know how to appreciate what the Wii offers. The Nintendo 3DS is possible because he is a portable console and it works without 3D glasses. For the living room would need a 3-D TV and it will take some time before enough households have 3-D TVs that the theme for the Gaming significant falls."

Now these online translators aren't great as they translate literally which doesn't really work, but you can get the gist - Nintendo realises that the Wii was successful because it didn't rely on the users having a HDTV setup, as graphics weren't the key feature and now it is reluctant to release a console that relies on the user having expensive kit like 3D TVs.

So it seems that all of the Nintendo 3D offerings will be via the 3DS, which we had a first look at during E3.

Are you disappointed you won't be getting any Wii 3D action with the next Wii console? Let us know how you feel using the comments below.