Details have leaked out over the weekend of how Nintendo's newly confirmed handheld console, the Nintendo 3DS, will look when it is expected to be officially announced on Tuesday at the start of E3.

According to gaming site Kotaku, who've uncovered a sketch by a Chinese blogger reported to have played with the new device (which we've got an artist to recreate - as if a 9-year-old had drawn it), the new version of the Nintendo DSi will still have the same two-screen approach, but// this time the top screen will be considerably bigger to allow users to benefit from the 3D elements that it will offer.

The decision to keep the second screen (possibly made by Sharp), rather than switch to a single screen offering is, presumably, to allow gamers who upgrade to the new handheld console to play older Nintendo DS games rather than be limited only to new titles.

But it's not just the new screen that is expected to be changing in the device. According to the rumours, the new handheld games console will have a 3D camera (something that has been rumoured before), a tilt sensor, an analogue joystick alongside the standard d-pad and be more powerful than the current DSi offering, possibly to the same spec as the Nintendo Wii.

The 3DS, first confirmed to be in the works in March, is expected to be available in the UK in October, just in time for Christmas.

Nintendo is holding its E3 conference on Tuesday morning (Pacific time). Pocket-lint will be covering the event, live from LA.

We will keep you posted.