Some little titbits of information have emerged at the Games Developers Conference about Nintendo's next move in the handheld gaming space. Rumours suggest that the successor to the hugely-successful DS will retain its pair of screens and have performance similar to the GameCube.

The screens will be bigger and higher resolution, developer sources told Raymond Padilla, and apparently "the gap between the two screens is negligible" - meaning that they could function separately or as one big display, depending on the situation. That could make for some interesting play mechanics.

It'll have an accelerometer inside, too, but of more note is that the dev kit is similar in power to the GameCube. That could mean ports of some of the bigger GameCube titles, like Super Smash Bros Melee, in the same way that the DS got some N64 ports, including Mario 64. The Wii isn't much further ahead in power, either.

Developers suggested that their games will be finished before the end of the year - could that mean an announcement as soon as E3, and a release in time for Christmas 2010? That's just a guess at this stage, but as soon as we get any more firm suggestions, we'll let you know.