A ultra-rare NES game titled "Stadium Events" has sold for more than $40,000 in an eBay auction. The NTSC title, which is unopened and factory sealed, attracted 115 bids before a winning figure of $41,300 was settled upon.

The reason for the rarity and high price is because only a few copies were sold before Nintendo purchased the US rights to the game from its original publishers Bandai, rebranding it as World Class Track Meet, and bundling it with a pad that was used as its primary control method; meaning that the pre-rebranding version was no longer available. It was very much the Wii Sports of its day.

In just 23 minutes after it was posted, the bidding hit four figures - and 8 hours in it topped five figures. Bids carried on rising before the auction ended on 26 February. The moral of the story? Don't play your games - leave them shrink-wrapped and then keep them in a box for 20 years. They might end up being worth something.