You've seen the movie, you bought the soundtrack CD as a teenager, you got drunk as a student and screeched "niiiiiiights" in the Union bar - and soon you'll be able to play the video game. Grease is coming to the Wii and DS.

It's being published by 505 Games, who has a license from Paramount to make the game. Actually doing the making, though, will be a pair of British developers. Zoë Mode - who worked on Singstar and Eye Toy: Play - will make the Wii version, and Big Head Games will be putting together the DS incarnation.

They're both very excited, as proven by the following quotes - "Grease is an iconic brand that has spanned generations and we are thrilled to be charged with the responsibility of bringing the Grease legacy to a new medium", said Ed Daly of Zoe Mode. "We're very excited by this project as Grease is the one film everyone remembers. It’s a true classic and we hope to do it justice", said Dave Vout of Big Head Games.

No release date has been set for the titles yet, let alone pricing. In fact we don't even know what the games will be like, though given Zoe Mode's pedigree and the nature of the subject matter, we wouldn't be surprised if there's some sort of singing involved. Stay tuned for more as we get it.