At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a company called CTA Digital was exhibiting a couple of "Sniper Guns" for the Wii and PS3. Nothing for the Xbox 360, though, we're afraid.

The Wii version is a white Sniper Rifle that even comes with a steadying stand for hiding behind your sofa under a camo net. It incorporates your Wiimote inside it, and can also accommodate the Wii Motion Plus attachment, too. The stand, barrel, scope and stock are all removable.

The PS3, on the other hand, gets a gun that's not bright white plastic. Instead it's claimed to be based on an AK-47 (though we reckon it looks more like an M4 mashup) and is a single unit with no removable parts. It does, however, have its own built-in joystick with D-pad and buttons on the side.

Both models will begin shipping on 20 January, and pricing is around the $40 mark for the Wii one. It's not clear yet how much the PS3 one will cost, but if we find out, we'll update this post.