Memorex has announced its first foray into the realm of gaming accessories - concentrating for the moment on the Wii. The list includes fitness mats, charging kits, racing wheels and the usual gubbins but in the interest of everyone's sanity we've picked out the more interesting option.

Amongst the plethora there's an expanded-range wireless sensor bar that - although a heck of a lot bulkier than the bundled option - might make your Wii gaming a little more fun as it claims to give you more room to romp around the lounge.

The new expanded-range wireless sensor bar is angled as of interest to any fans of the Rock Band/Guitar Hero series as it makes for a "more expansive playing area" hopefully meaning fewer dropped signals. Play can also continue whilst charging thanks to an 8 foot charging cable.

You'll have to fork out $14.99 for the expanded-range sensor bar. There's no word on UK pricing or availability just yet, but we'll let you know when we have more details.