Following the news from Nintendo that its Wii console is the fastest selling in UK history, hitting sales of 6 million in less then 3 years, it seems Nintendo's handheld DS platform has seen similar success.

Figures released from GfK Chart-Track, a UK music, video and software performance and sales tracking company, reveal the DS platform has seen sales of over 10 million units in the UK.

This stat apparently makes it the best selling console of any kind in the UK's history. Since its launch in the UK in March 2005, Nintendo estimates that almost one in six people now own a Nintendo DS system.

Nintendo's most recent launch on UK soil, the smaller Nintendo DSi sold a million units in 8 weeks when it debuted, while in Japan the company has now launched the larger Nintendo DSi XL.

Worldwide, Nintendo has sold over 100 million DS units since March 2005.