There's a million different types of Monopoly you can get - customized with everything to your hometown to your favourite movie to a fill-in-the-blanks version. Now, you can add a "favourite video games company" to that list, as a Nintendo-themed version of the board game has been released.

Instead of collecting property, you have to collect characters from Nintendo games - grouped vaguely by their titles. Old Kent Road and Whitechapel Road are Waluigi and Wario respectively, whereas Park Lane and Mayfair are Luigi and Mario. Instead of placing houses and hotels, you place powerups and invincibility.

Player tokens comprise the Koopa Shell, Mario's hat, Donkey Kong's barrel, Link's Iron Boots, the Hylian Shield, and a Classic NES controller. Nintendo vehicles replace the railroads and ? Block and Coin Block cards replace Chance and Community Chest.

Unfortunately we can't work out what, if anything, replaces Free Parking, Jail or the Electric and Water Companies. Oh, and to save you from your buttocks going numb during a epic 5-hour Monopoly marathon, there's a 60-minute speed play variant that's been introduced.

Could be a good Christmas pressie for the gamer in your family, along with this excellent selection picked out by Dan. Go pick it up from ThinkGeek for $35.