Fresh from winning two Oscars for boxing epic Million Dollar Baby, Clint Eastwood intends to get back in front of a virtual camera, by bringing Dirty Harry to the games arena.

The grizzled 74-year old will provide his trademark growling wisecracks alongside the action and the game should feature locations from the first film in 1971 to The Dead Pool from 1988 which was mostly played for laughs. However there's plenty of guts, gore and action along the way if they get the balance right and in a market where The Punisher has recently made the same move, it'll be interesting to see how the game performs.

Eastwood wants to "introduce this memorable film character to new generations on a medium they appreciate", according to the New York Times. It's good to see that increased sales, rather than recognition, will come from several generations of established fans with computers or consoles, given that the first film preceded the first massmarket Intel chip. We'll keep you informed - you never know, the film backdrop may improve upon Max Payne 3.

Quote Source: New York Times