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(Pocket-lint) - If you're not getting the performance you need while gaming, Window's Task Manager can help by closing apps that are hogging system resources. 

This is the classic way to get an FPS boost and ensure your game is running as it should, but it's not the easiest. Often you have to break game immersion, pause what you're doing and return to Windows to make some tweaks. 

This might not be the case in the future. It seems that Xbox Game Bar is set to get an upgrade which will allow gamers to use a lightweight version of Task Manager without Alt+tabbing out of their game.

Xbox Insiders are currently able to access a beta version of the Xbox Game Bar which includes a cut-down version of Windows Task Manager. That interface can be used with an in-game overlay rather than having to leave the game in order to access those controls. 

Like the standard version of Task Manager, the Xbox Game Bar variant also has data on the other apps running and the impact they're having on performance. This info comes alongside other data such as current RAM, CPU and GPU usage. 

You can then use that Task Manager to simply close those other apps and get a performance boost. 

As stated, this is currently in beta but will be rolling out to as part of the standard Windows updates at some point in the future. Until then, you can still enjoy the other benefits - such as game capture, screenshots and friend chat - by simply hitting Windows key + G. 

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Writing by Adrian Willings.