Microsoft will officially launch Minecraft Earth in October, with a more complete early access version replacing the current closed beta version.

Everyone in select regions will be able to play it, not just a chosen few, and we expect more features to be unlocked than on the beta edition we tested ourselves.

Microsoft tweeted the news itself, but failed to mention which regions the early access build will be available in. The beta was available on Android and iOS in London, Mexico City, Seattle, Stockholm and Tokyo, so it could very well become available in their respective countries: UK, Mexico, US, Sweden and Japan.

The game is effectively Microsoft's answer to Pokemon Go and Harry Potter Wizards Unite. You can build things on your phone and place them in real world locations using augmented reality. Then, other players can find your builds, view and interact with them.

The closed beta had in-app purchases locked off, but we suspect the storefront will be opened for the early access version. We also hope that a promised adventure mode, where you can play and battle inside Minecraft builds, has been implemented in time for the full launch.

And we hope that there are more mobs to find than we discovered in our initial tests.