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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality platform is still new, but we're starting to see exciting and immersive content arrive for it, including SteamVR titles, and now, Microsoft's own blocky adventure game.

That's right. Minecraft has officially arrived for Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headsets. Technically, you could already play Minecraft in WMR, but you could only play on a virtual big screen. The game has been updated on Windows 10, however, allowing you to strap on your headset and step into a virtual reality world. This update has been in beta testing for over a month, so we knew it was coming.

Here's what Microsoft said in its announcement post: "Now, Windows Mixed Reality brings you even more options to 3D-ify your crafty fun, and requires next to no set-up. Just plug the headset into the USB slot and you’re good to go." Speaking of headsets, check out Pocket-lint's guide here to see what is available. There are many models to choose from, including ones from Samsung, Dell, and HP.

Alongside this news, Microsoft's Minecraft team revealed that Mixer integration has been added to the game, giving you the option to start a stream from within Minecraft. Mind you, all this has arrived before a huge update coming to Minecraft. Microsoft has been hard at work on a new engine for the game so that it can run across Windows 10, iOS, Android, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch using the same codebase.

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But the most exciting part about the upcoming update, dubbed Update Aquatic, is that it will add tonnes of new features to the game's oceanic areas, including coral reefs, shipwrecks, new aquatic species, and more. Find out what else is coming via the video above.

Writing by Elyse Betters.