Logitech has announced plans to introduce a line of extreme-performance peripherals for PC gaming. Based on its MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse, Logitech will design G-series products specifically for gamers.

“The G-series products will perform expertly in the hyper-intense PC gaming environment, making gamers a millisecond faster, a half-pixel more precise, and ultimately more successful.” said Ruben Mookerjee, Logitech´s director of product marketing for interactive entertainment.

Logitech will unveil specifics about new G-series products later in the year. A few examples of G-series features could include customizable interactive displays, programmable gaming keys, or buttons that give gamers the ability to instantly increase and decrease mouse resolution — such as those on the Logitech MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical mouse.

Research firm Jupiter predicts that by 2006, there will be more than 20 million online action PC gamers in the U.S., up from 9 million in 2002 and Logitech clearly wants a piece of the pie.