Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games have announced they are teaming up with The Lego Group to develop a new video based on classic Lego play scenarios.

Lego Battles will pull three Lego themes together, namely Castle, Pirates and Space, to create a virtual extension of the Lego build-and-play experience.

The game, in development for the Nintendo DS, will feature six different story lines. Players will build their own Lego bases and battle teams on screen and power though 70 different levels, mixing and matching units to create the ultimate customised Lego squad.

This means you'll see pirate swordsmen fighting side-by-side with wizards and aliens, dragons battling ninjas, and pirate ships launching broadsides against spacecraft.

Players will also be able to challenge friends on the battlefield in multiplayer mode through wireless DS multi-card play.

With Tom Stone, managing director of TT Games, describing the game as "action-packed and humour-filled", we're looking forward to getting our hands on it when it is released in the UK this summer. More news on it when we get it.