(Pocket-lint) - Warner Bros has confirmed that there will an enhanced Nintendo Switch version of the underrated Wii U title Lego City Undercover.

The open world adventure - sort of a tamer, Lego-flavoured Grand Theft Auto - was one of the Wii U launch games and got rave reviews back in 2013. But it was hard to come by and exclusive to that platform at the time.

Now Warner is bringing it back, for the Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC, with hugely improved graphics and, in the case of the latter three machines at least, new control systems.

That's because it heavily relied on the Wii U GamePad and its touchscreen for some of the gameplay features. The Switch version might be able to capitalise on some of those features, although the touchscreen is not available when docked so we're not sure exactly how it'd work. Perhaps it won't.

What will remain is the cunning sense of humour that runs throughout the game. In many ways, it was funnier thanks to the lack of a big screen movie licence. The original plotline was welcome too.

You can check out what to expect on the Switch version of the game, along with the PS4, Xbox One and PC variants, in the official trailer below...

Writing by Rik Henderson.