Lego has added a Minecraft-like video game to its toy box. 

The Danish company just unveiled Lego Worlds. It's being billed as an open-environment game, in which you can generate worlds made entirely of Lego bricks. So, it's basically a Minecraft knock-off. We'll still take it. 

Although the game is currently in development, Lego has launched it on Steam through the Early Access program, with the purpose of letting gamers provide feedback. Lego will ideally use this feedback to improve Lego Worlds over time. 

Lego said it plans to eventually add new features, for instance, such as a like/dislike system, Lego ID integration, painting themes, pre-generated towns, more minifig characters, underwater gameplay, online multiplayer, and more.

If you want to join Steam's Early Access program , download the Steam client from here, then visit the Lego Worlds product page, and download the game. You can learn more about Early Access here.

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Watch the promo trailer above to see some Lego Worlds in action.