A 20-something avid Xbox player and Lego fan has just unveiled his newest creation: a life-sized Lego replica of the EVA-8 shotgun featured in Titanfall.

Nick Jensen, also known as Nick Brick, described himself on Facebook and various other websites as a Lego builder who constructs Lego weapons from video games in life-size scale and vehicles in minifigure scale. He is a member of the Chicago Area Lego Users Group and displays many of his creations every June at the Brickworld Chicago Lego expo.

gamer builds lego life sized eva 8 shotgun from video game titanfall image 5

Between Jensen's YouTube profile and Flickr page, you can view a plethora of his Lego creations. He has also built replica weapons from the Halo and Mass Effect franchises, among many others, though his most recent creation is a life-sized Lego version of the EVA-8 Shotgun. It's the semi-automatic close quarters anti-personnel weapon featured in Titanfall.

Titanfall is a first-person shooter multiplayer video game that released in 2014. It was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts exclusively for Microsoft's Xbox and Windows platforms. In Pocket-lint's brief hands-on with the title, we said it set the standard for next-gen gaming.

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Visit Jensen's pages for a closer look at some of his other Titanfall video game weaponry, such as the Smart Pistol MK5 and R-101 Compact Assault Rifle with HCOG attachment. You could also watch the video above to view more images of the Lego-fied EVA-8 Shotgun.